After a couple years living in Italy, which began in Rome and culminated in an MBA in Food & Wine at the University of Bologna, I have decided to become an ambassador for small, high quality wineries and promote them in my home state of Massachusetts.
I was fortunate enough to discover every corner of Italy through day long drives in the Italian countryside, intense Ryanair flights, overnight trains or even buses on some of Italy’s windiest roads where you felt like you might not make it out alive!

Sometimes you stumble upon three generations working together in the vineyards, or a local festival where you taste that perfect wine and you realize all that crazy travel was worth it.

It was these adventures where I gained my appreciation and in depth understanding of Italian wine. Visiting smaller villages, wineries and agrotourisms I learned so much about what makes Italian wine so unique. I learned quickly that each region is so diverse in terms of the spectrum of food & wine but yet the local flavors are always a perfect match for the wine, and it’s this harmony that needs to be understood to truly appreciate Italian wine.

This portfolio is a celebration of my experiences in Italy and an invitation to the consumer to take these wines and make your own memories with them.

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The Wine Guy
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The Boston Globe | “Everything you need to know about Italian sparkling wine for Valentine’s Day” | by Ellen Bhang | Featuring Cantine Mucci Spumante Extra Dry

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Bostoniano | “Wine Finds” | June, 2014
Nicholas Mucci is on a mission: bringing some of the best – and least known – varietals of Italian wine to the United States. The North End importer recently traveled to Italy to take part in VinItaly, the country’s largest and most popular trade show. “I spent a lot of time tasting wine from Sicily and Campania,” he says, “two regions where there has been a massive uptick in terms of young producers focusing on the promotion of lesser known indigenous varietals.” Mucci will showcase some of his wines – including Norma Etna Rosso, Fiano di Baal and Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo – on June 19 at Lineage restaurant in Brookline.

Getty Images | The Famous Nick Mucci

The Boston Globe | “A new importer brings in artisanal Italian lambruschi” | by Ellen Bhang