As Nick’s brother who is interested in working in the new and exciting family business, I am eager to learn about all things wine. My addition to the blog will follow along as I start the education process from scratch, and hopefully my experiences will be relatable for those of you who are fellow newcomers to the wine scene. Whether you’re just interested in having a bit of knowledge for the next trip to your local wine shop or you want a few tidbits to impress your peers , hopefully I can make wine a little less intimidating and a bit more interesting.

Wine, Should I Be Doing More than Just Drinking it?

I myself have long been guilty of simply drinking wine and not worrying about much more than what type of grape it was. That is perfectly understandable, as many people are

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too busy and only concern themselves with the fact that they want a Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio for between $10-$15. However, wine has so much to offer, and informational and educational opportunities are everywhere. Knowledge will give you the confidence to try new wines, further appreciate what you’re drinking, and recognize what makes a wine taste so delicious!

Sipping from Square One Book on Italy

So Many Resources Just a Click Away!

With the way the internet works, blogs, twitter accounts, wine review Apps, Wikipedia page; you name it, there is information everywhere. Try following your favorite wine stores or restaurants on Twitter, check out one of my favorite wine blogs at, and read reviews of wines while you are drinking them ( is a great resource). In the world of wine, opinions of those with more experience can help you learn how to better evaluate your favorite wine. After reading reviews while drinking a California Cabernet a few months back, I began to recognize some of the subtler flavors that a few reviewers had pointed to, such as cocoa and truffle, that I had not noticed at first. If you are tired of staring at your computer all day, pick up Kevin Zraly’s comprehensive Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, or any of the other thousands of great reference books on wine.

Sipping from Square One Sangiovese Grapes

An Excuse to get Back to School, to Taste, and to Travel!

If you are more of a hands-on learner, try stopping by a local wine shop/liquor store/specialty grocer’s tastings whenever you have the opportunity. They’re almost always FREE! Learning from producers and/or the distributors representing their wines is one of the best ways to comprehend all that goes into the process. Also, they are accustomed to teaching all levels of wine drinkers, so don’t be afraid to jump in, taste, and ask a few questions.

If you are interested in pursuing wine further than just the occasional tasting, sign up for an online course, head to a more formal tasting/food pairing course, or enroll in a certification program (I am currently enrolled in an intensive course at the Boston Center for Adult Education). If you have time to travel, stay local and visit the wineries in Massachusetts, such as Mill River Winery on the North Shore, or take a weekend trip to Long Island, New York. If you are lucky enough to be traveling more extensively, fit in a few vineyard trips in California, Oregon, Italy, Argentina, or even New Zealand!

Resources are seemingly endless when it comes to wine, so pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

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